Newborn Temperature Stability During Skin-to-skin in the OR

June 2018

The Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) encourages "skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby soon after birth” (WHO, 2016). This includes any healthy delivery, vaginal or surgical. Although many birthing centers and hospitals find instituting this for a vaginal birth, offering safe skin-to-skin (SSTS) in the operating suite offers many complications to the policy. Not only do the nurses need to be educated to provide SSTS care, but the physician/surgeon, anesthesiologist/nurse anesthetist, special care nursery nurses, and others need to cooperate together to have this be successful for everyone.

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Are Pacifiers "Evil"?

May 2018

When I was the lead for our hospital's Baby-friendly team, I had the reputation of being anti-pacifier even though it wasn't accurate. Pacifiers have their place but are known to be a factor in early weaning from the breast when introduced prior to the healthy, full-term newborn learning how to latch well at the breast.

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Breastfeeding and SIDS Protection

May 2018

Last year, Pediatrics published an international analysis involving 2260 SIDS cases and 6895 control infants to see if breastfeeding provides protection from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

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Tattoos, Piercings and Body Modifications

May 2018

Body modification is becoming a popular form of self-expression, with a variety of piercings, tattoos, and scarification being seen by healthcare providers in the birthing population.  The reputations of tattoo parlors and piercing salons vary widely, which requires that those wanting to participate in body modification do their research for safe and sterile practices and the rationale for obtaining the particular form of modification they are seeking.  Regulations for these parlors and salons vary from state to state, country to country.

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Through A Baby's Eyes...

April 2018

What would you tell your nurses if you were a newborn in a birthing hospital? Interesting question, isn't it? The abstract for a recent article in the Journal of Perinatal Nursing states, "Separation of mothers and infants after birth is standard practice for many hospitals, yet not evidence-based. Nonseparation clearly has numerous benefits. However, newborns lack a voice to make choices to direct their course of care. The evidence supports nonseparation strategies for mother and infants that promote attachment, physiologic regulation, nutrition, sleep, communication and management of stress/pain. Moreover, the evidence is compelling that nonseparation is essential,” (p. 80).

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