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Step2 Education has contributed to the delivery of online Baby Friendly education to Hospitals and their staff since 2005. Previously a division of Health e-Learning, Step2 Education is now responsible for providing the Baby Friendly education required for Step 2 of the 10 Steps to Becoming Baby Friendly - a WHO and UNICEF Initiative.

First incorporated in 2000, our company has always provided the very best online education and services, focused upon evidence-based, high quality education in Human Lactation and Breastfeeding. Step2 Education takes us a step further in providing specialised Baby Friendly education in a cost-effective, accessible and convenient manner for health professionals and their organisations all around the world.

We at Step2 are constantly delighted by meeting our objectives in providing Baby Friendly education worldwide. The response and support we have experienced from the worldwide Lactation and Baby Friendly community continues to drive us towards our Vision - for every baby to receive the best start in life. Through our online education and services, and in line with our vision, Step2 Education can truly claim to be Leaders in Baby Friendly Education. 

The last decade has been full of accomplishments, of which we are extremely proud and the company look forward to working with many more health professionals and their organisations in the future to improve Breastfeeding worldwide and to help every hospital achieve their Baby Friendly Status.

Meet the Step2 Education team:


Lenore Goldfarb, PhD, CCC, IBCLC, ALC

Director and Professional Development Educator

For many years Lenore has been helping mothers to breastfeed their babies born via surrogacy or adoption. She is a Certified Canadian Counsellor, an IBCLC, and researcher at the Goldfarb Breastfeeding Clinic in Montreal. Lenore is best known for her research on induced lactation and lecturing internationally. Lenore has been married over 20 years, has two sons born via gestational surrogacy, successfully breastfed by inducing lactation. Lenore brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to Step2 Education; if you have a question, just Ask Lenore!


Carole Dobrich, RN, IBCLC, ANLC

Director and Professional Development Educator

Carole has been involved in health care since 1980 and has been helping mothers and babies to breastfeed for more than 30 years. She is a nurse, IBCLC and educator. She grew up in Brisbane, Australia and has been living in Montreal, Canada for many years where she co-founded and coordinated the Goldfarb Breastfeeding Clinic. She is the recipient of the 2009 Quebec Lactation Consultant Association Linda J Smith award. As well as speaking fluent French, Carole plays a mean game of ice hockey! Aller équipe!


Hayley Otago

Business Services Officer

Hayley has a varied professional background in business administration, finance and marketing. Her creative flare combined with her communication and problem solving skills mean she is perfectly suited to her role at Step2! She is also a mum to her beautifully chubby daughter, Frankie and two cheeky terriers, Burt and Bruno. When she's not working, you can find Hayley and her little family exploring farmer's markets or visiting their large extended family.

Samantha McKillop

Client Services Manager

Sam liaises with clients and institutions to deliver our staff education packages; individualizing our products to meet your needs. Sam wears many hats, and enjoys using her customer service, programming and graphic design expertise to holistically and creatively solve problems. She is always looking for her next travel adventure, is currently living in the UK and loves all things vintage. Who else do you know who has a collection of typewriters?

Kathy Parkes

Kathy Parkes, MSN-Ed, RN, IBCLC, FILCA

Course Tutor

Kathy is a Registered Nurse in Texas, USA, who has achieved a Masters degree in Nursing Education and has a Bachelors degree in Psychology. She has been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 1992, working in a wide variety of practice areas including hospitals, private practice, and government work. With extensive online learning experience, Kathy brings new ideas and learning techniques to enrich the student's experience. Camping with her husband, crafts, reading, and her pets bring fullness to Kathy’s life and love of lactation.

jeff web

Jeff Leung

Technology Officer

Jeff is an all round computer and technology geek who looks after all the technical systems of Step2 Education. Having worked in numerous fields from biomedical engineering to social media big data analysis, he brings a wide range of skills to the team. At other times you'll find him competing in target shooting competitions or in his lab inventing some convoluted electronic gadget.


Annette Drummond-Hills

Client Services Officer

Annette has a varied and colorful background in a variety of industries from makeup artistry to aviation! She also has a wealth of experience providing customer service and technical support. When Annette is not providing a taxi service for her two children (aged 7 & 10) she is busy gardening and decorating her new home.


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